Marco Tognoli

Ph.D Student at Politecnico di Milano in Energy and Nuclear Science and Technology, working at Data Analytics and Optimization for Energy Application lab.

About Me

I'm a Ph.D student at Politecnico di Milano University - Italy Enrolled since 2018 in the Energy and Nuclear Science and Technology doctoral program held by the Energy Engineering department. My research theme aims at focusing on the thermal energy optimization of District Heating (DH) system through the application of Machine Learning (ML) algorithm for simulating the thermal performances of the system.

Research interests

Advanced thermodynamics, heat-transfer and building energy modelling

Application of demand-driven approaches to control and optimize complex thermal energy systems. Thus aiming at simulating the potential fuel savings, improved supply thermal quality and reduced greenhouse emissions from the optimal predictive control solutions implemented

  • Data Science
  • Advanced Thermodynamics
  • Energy predictive modelling
  • Demand-side management and optimization
  • Python, C++, Matlab

Proposing detailed physical and data driven models of the thermal supply systems under study (thermal supply systems and demand side) employing state-of-the art ML models.

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